Murder of Ambassador hits the cooperation between Putin and Erdogan in Syria

Murder of Ambassador hits the cooperation between Putin and Erdogan in Syria

 Murder Monday by the Russian Ambassador in Turkey, Andréi Karlov, represents a severe setback to cooperation between Moscow and Ankara in the fight against jihadist terrorism and the settlement of the conflict in Syria.

“The crime is, without a doubt, a provocation aimed at aborting the normalization of ruso-turcas relations and torpedo the peace process in Syria”, said the Russian President Vladímir Putin.

The head of the Kremlin recalled that this process is “actively by Russia, Turkey, Iranand other countries interested in the settlement of the Syrian conflict” supported.

After confirming the death of Ambassador in the heart of the Turkish capital, Putinmet with his foreign, Serguéi Lavrov, Minister and the heads of the Federal SecurityService (FSB, ex-KGB) and the foreign intelligence service.
“The response to the murder of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey will be the strengthening of the fight against terrorism. And the bandits will feel it in their own flesh,”warned.

In addition, called “vile” the murder of the diplomat of 62 years, in office from 2013,and said that it has agreed with the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the joint investigation of what happened in the heart of Ankara.
“We must know who is behind the murderer,” said Putin, who has commissioned to ensure both the security of the Russian diplomatic legations in Turkey and the Turkson Russian territory.

Also praised the figure of the Russian Ambassador in Ankara, “an extraordinary diplomatic” which maintained good relations with the authorities and other Turkish political forces and who personally accompanied him during his last trip to that country.

“We classified the incident as a terrorist attack. Terrorism will not expire. We will fight firmly. “Today this issue will be brought before the UN Security Council”, said María Zajárova, Russian spokesman for outdoors.

Karlov, who was without an escort, was shot point blank by a young man when he pronounced a few words at the opening of a photography exhibition in the heart of the Turkish capital.

Offered by Turkish television pictures you can see how the Russian diplomat is shotin the back, and while it stays immobile on the floor, the assailant shouted “Don’t forget to Aleppo and Syria”.

Russia is next to Iran the main ally of the Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad, which has earned him numerous disagreements with Turkey, which has openly supported from the very beginning to the armed opposition to topple the Syrian leader.

Putin and Erdogan sealed on 9 August peace after more than half a year of stagnation in their relations by the shooting down of a Russian war plane by Turkish fighterat the border with Syria.

Both Presidents left behind accusations of Putin’s that Erdogan supported the jihadists in Syria and agreed to resume cooperation in the fight against the Islamic State(EI) and other armed groups.

In fact, last Friday the head of the Kremlin announced an agreement with his Turkishcolleague to convene a round of negotiations aimed at the peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict in Astana, the Kazakh capital.

To do so, he said Moscow and Ankara to hold negotiations with the Syrian armed opposition in order to achieve as soon as possible a fire around the Arab country.

In addition, after the attack which caused Saturday the death of thirteen Turkish military, Putin called Erdogan to respond with a stronger fight against terrorism.

The attack on Monday, which was condemned by the US, NATO, the European Union and the UN, was held on eve of Moscow trilateral consultations between the Ministers of foreign and defense of Russia, Turkey and Iran on the Syrian conflict, meeting that the assailant would torpedo, according to Russian senators.

Serguéi Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, had said that he hoped to make progress at that meeting with the countries that actually have influence on the situation on the ground, particularly in Aleppo.

In this regard, the head of the Duma International Affairs Committee or Chamber ofDeputies, Leonid Slutski, said that, “despite the terrible tragedy”, which connected with the current thaw in relations between Russia and Turkey, the consultations should take place.

“Our opponents want to face at any price Moscow and Ankara. It is its strategic objective”, he stressed.

According to local media, Russia has lost 23 soldiers in Syria, including two medicalwomen in a recent terrorist attack in the outskirts of Aleppo, from the beginning ofthe intervention in the Arab country in September 2015.

In addition, the jihadists killed 224 people to explode a bomb on a plane with Russian tourists who returned from Egypt and crashed in the Sinai peninsula in October 2015.


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